1841 Minute Book
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1841 Minute Book

St Mary's 1841 Minute Book - sale notice

The birthpangs of the first

Catholic Church in Fleetwood

'The Revd ____ much fears that on signing the note the persons who have done so have signed their own death warrant.'

A tale of rebellion and betrayal!   An absolutely riveting read!

'.... I put it to you as a Vicar, a Christian aye as a Catholic Clergyman and candidly ask is your conduct manly, is it Christian, or is it Clergymanlike ......'

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page 3

Fleetwood in Wyre Feby 9th 1941

At a meeting held at Mr Dobson's Steamer Hotel by the Catholic Inhabitants of Fleetwood for the purpose of taking into consideration the means of establishing a place of worship in their faith (there being no place of that description within the distance of 7 miles), Mr J Crombleholme in the chair.It was unanimously agreed by the Meeting that a room belonging to Mr J Newsham be taken at the annual rent of £15 from the time Mr J Newsham gives up possession of the same and that after possession and previous .....

page 10

PS. Mr Walmsley, Mr R Ball, Mr Dobson, and Mr Crombleholme waited pon Sir Hesketh Fleetwood Bart, the Lord of the Manor a few weeks ago respecting Land for the erection of a chapel. They were graciously received by Sir Hesketh. He told them he would deal with them being Catholics as he would with other Religious Communities i.e. he would give them Land for a Chapel and the more money that was expended upon the building in order to render it ornamental the better should be the site. JC

The number of Catholics in Fleetwood and immediate vicinity are as follows, from a census taken yesterday.

237 Men, 94 Women, 108 Children = 439

page 39

Steamer Hotel Nov 19 1841

Revd Sir We the undersigned feel very ill used by your not attending the Meeting of which you had notice. Your conduct seems most strange to us and if you persist in the way you are doing we certainly shall make a change in some way or other and very soon. Our Meeting was called this evening for the purpose of examining and arranging the accounts and other business respecting the newly erected chapel.

Your written answer as to your non-attendance will much oblige.

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