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02 July 2020

Latest Covid-19 Update - please read our appeal for Stewards and Cleaners. Thank you.

02 July 2020

Exciting news!

St Mary's now has it's own YouTube channel where you can see videos of Mass and other items such as the lovely sound of our Music Group.

New items will be added on a regular basis, please do keep looking and don't forget to like or subscribe to the channel to keep in touch.

Click here for St Mary's Fleetwood on YouTube 

29 June 2020

St Mary’s – Covid-19 Update – 29 June 2020

Following the recent announcement by the Metropolitan Bishops that places of worship will be able to reopen for prayer and services, the Bishop of Lancaster has now announced that churches in this Diocese will soon be allowed to reopen for Mass.

We have to work to strict protocols to ensure that our churches put in place all the measures needed to ensure the risks of virus transmission are minimised.

At St Mary's, Fr Michael has established a small working group to examine all the issues involved with reopening.

Initially we have to meet all the requirements of a Health & Safety questionnaire, ensuring we can provide a safe environment. This is not just a case of supplying hand cleanser and keeping people at a safe distance. Maintaining an orderly flow into Church. Deciding which benches will be safe to use for individuals and or family groups. After Mass, guiding people outside so they can meet up with friends again.

This cannot be achieved without a team of stewards who will act as guides for the parishioners, ensuring social distancing is maintained and inviting those present to receive Holy Communion in an orderly queue, then allowing safely to return to their seats.

It is a requirement that all the benches, kneelers and book-rests are cleaned after every Mass which of course will require more people to volunteer as cleaners.

Most important, we have to create a safe environment for Fr Michael to distribute Holy Communion. 

You will appreciate all these preparations are ongoing, consequently it will be some time before we can re-introduce Sunday Mass.  Remember, we can still enjoy and participate the streamed Mass each Sunday morning, and this will continue even after the Church fully reopens for the benefit of those unable to attend in person, or perhaps wishing to avoid close contact in these difficult times.

We ask for your support and patience.  There will be a list of rules which we must all abide by when we reopen, but this will come later.

June 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic - Churches to reopen for Private Prayer

Following the government’s announcement regarding the re-opening of churches for private prayer from Monday 15th June, we are currently working towards making our beloved St Mary’s available for parishioners and visitors to once again enjoy a period of quiet contemplation and personal prayer, in accordance with the necessary guidelines.

STEWARDS – Amongst the many conditions that apply in order to open the church again for personal prayer, two stewards have to be present in church to monitor it and ensure that people are following all the guidelines. One of the stewards must have D.B.S. clearance. As I have this anyway, it would make sense if I was one of them.

Because of all the procedures that apply, I suggest that the church can only be open for two hours per day on a limited number of days per week. To coincide with the hours when people are more likely to be in Lord Street, I am suggesting 10.00 a.m. – 12 noon on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

If you are able to help with this important task, which I suspect will be very much appreciated by the parish, as well as by the wider community, could I ask you, please, to inform me? Either, ring me on [01253] 873331, leaving a message if I cannot get to the ‘phone, or e-mail a message to me at Either way, please provide me with your full name and contact details, i.e. your address [including postcode], telephone number [landline, mobile or both] and [if applicable] your e-mail address.

It would be a great help to me if you could commit to a regular weekly slot for a specified period of time. Of course, if there is a week when you cannot keep to your regular commitment, please inform me and I will endeavour to adjust our arrangements. In order to do this, it would perhaps be also helpful if some people volunteered to be on a “reserve” list of stewards.

With my thanks in these difficult times and my best wishes and prayers,

[Fr.] Michael.